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Tips to Pack Clothes for a Safe Moving

If you are planning to relocate to a new place then note that moving clothes can prove to be a trickier task for you. It is true that we all can leave behind a few items that we longer you need in the new house. But when it comes to the clothes, you are sure to pick even the oldest shirt of yours. It is just that everyone has a fad for their clothes and they don’t like leaving behind even a single bit of it. So, this blog talks about some of the best tips and ways in which you can pack your clothes and move safely & smoothly.

Go through the following tips-

Tips to pack clothes to move smoothly

  • Organize and de-clutter- Before you set on to move your clothes and pack them in the moving boxes, it is important to first organize all your clothes and de-clutter them all. You can put the tattered clothes at a side and make a separate pile of the clothes that you don’t feel like wearing anymore. So, the first pile must be discarded while the second pile of the old clothes should be kept for donating. You can call the charities and other organizations to set up a pick-up of these donations at the particular time that you want. Start organizing the clothing by each family member or season. The tip is to discard as much as you, as it will reduce the quantity of your goods and ultimately, your cost of moving too.
  • Pack off-season clothes first- If you are moving in the summer month then it is better that you pack all your woolen clothes first. The idea is to pack all the off-season clothes first and get them transported at the soonest. Also, the hack here is to label the boxes so that you know what’s inside the boxes. Like, you can put the label of ‘summer clothes’ on the box containing summer clothes while you can write ‘winter clothes’ on the box having winter clothes. Also, you should vacuum seal all the off-season clothes. This will help you at the time of unpacking the boxes at the time when you have reached the destination.
  • Choose the best packing material- You should choose the best material to pack your clothes. If you have fur clothes and other delicate items then you should first wrap them in a plastic sheet or a bubble wrap. In addition to this, you should keep your clothes absolutely sealed and protected if you are moving out of the nation. However, if it’s another city that you are shifting to then you can use hangers to hang your clothes. Just pull them in your car and move. It is easy to pack clothes for a shorter distance.
  • Don’t empty the drawers- You should not empty the clothes drawers. It is better to leave all your clothing in their place. All you can do is just seal the doors and drawers of your cupboards and drawers in which clothes are kept. If you are hiring the professional packers and movers in Bangalore then they will guide you the best way to pack the clothes.
  • Use small boxes- You might want to stuff in all your clothes in one large cardboard box. But, remember that clothing is heavy and you will face problem in lifting the heavy big boxes. So, it is better to use small boxes, which may increase the number of boxes. It is always better to use small sized boxes so that it becomes easier for you to lift the goods.
  • Use cushioning materials- True that your clothes would not need any cushioning material as they already are soft. But if you wish to keep other things in the box that has your clothes then you should use cushioning materials like peanut foam, rice etc. This will keep all your goods protected and safe.Get free estimate on packers and movers charges in Bangalore.

Thus, it is the time that you should pack all your clothes safely by following all the above discussed tips. With this, you should also hire the best packers and movers of the industry, so that a safe movement of your goods is guaranteed. To find one, you can browse through the internet and shortlist a few companies that you find are reputed. You can further enquire about the moving services and prices from these shortlisted companies. It is better to compare the prices so that you get an idea of hiring the most affordable one. Yes, you will save money this way. It would be better to go through the testimonials of the company and know about what other people who have already availed their moving services are saying about it. So, follow the tips, hire the best moving company and make your move successful.


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